Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 – East meets West

netaudiofestival_350_250From the 8th to the 11th of October 2009, Netaudio Berlin will be gathering the international netaudio community for a four-day music and conference festival in Berlin, under the title ?East meets West?. 2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. We recall pictures of hands reaching out to pull people from both sides up onto the Berlin wall. The event will take place at Maria, a venue situated immediately on the former Berlin ?death strip? once dividing the city and the world into eastern and western hemispheres.

In recent years a netaudio landscape has emerged in the countries of Eastern Europe. Speakers, artists and netlabel managers from Eastern and Western Europe as well as from the USA are invited to find out more about the needs and possibilities, challenges and chances of netaudio under the various cultural frameworks and to discuss new opportunities for networking and collaboration across borders and cultures.

The musical focus lies on a selection of Berlin? finest electronic music, namely, House, Techno and Minimal. However, many artists from the fields of Ambient, Noise, Dub, Drum?n?Bass, Pop, Triphop, Dubstep, Breakbeats, Drone, Hip Hop and Techdub will add to the varied musical program. Although the netaudio scene consists of artists mostly unknown to the broader public, many names have already earned international recognition. This is reflected in the lineup of the evenings programme, crowned by such illustrious figures as Pheek, D. Diggler, Erich Lesovsky, Marc Schneider, Goldwill, Tanith, Stereoshape, SCSI-9, Disrupt, Holger Flinsch, Marko Fürstenberg, and the Kraftfuttermischwerk. With over 100 participating artists spread over 3 nights, the netaudio festival gives a comprehensive insight into the various musical genres and brings netaudio music to life for participants and visitors. The day program includes numerous workshops and discussions with top experts as well as a film program, showcases, netaudio fair, and various contributions from other art forms.

As this year’s festival theme is ‘East meets West’ and it occurs just before the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, we initiated a special project – the “Berlin Wall of Sound“, a sound map of the Berlin Wall. Considering the variety of sites such as streets, parks, rivers and open countryside that lie on it’s route it should be possible to make a varied sonic tapestry of the entire route. Everyone is invited to participate and upload recordings on our website! We would like this to be Netaudio Berlin’s gift to the people of Berlin, without whom the festival would not be possible.

The Berliner Crew has benefited from their experience during the previous Berlin Festival in 2007 and from their involvement with international partners in London, Moscow, Barcelona and Bologna. In addition to their ambition to further develop the netaudio scene worldwide, the organizers also hope to strengthen the position of Berlin as a hub between East and West, by integrating various netlabels from all parts of Europe. The organizers are sending a signal of exclamation to the netaudio community, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe that this will be the largest, most diverse and simply the most exciting Netaudio Festival of all time!

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Press Release

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Location Club Maria

VENUE – Maria Am Ostbahnhof

All directions below are given to the venue. There will be an information desk running at ?Maria? where you can pick up your festival wrist bands and guest passes. You will be given a festival ticket for your guest, which they will then be able to swap for a wrist band, also at the venue. You can purchase your festival ticket at the venue or in pre-sale shops.
For further public transport information visit the BVG website (English & German) there you can download a route plan.

ARRIVING AT THE AIRPORT – Tegel & Schönefeld

Airport Tegel to the venue:
(buy a single ticket 2,80 at present) TXL bus to ?Hauptbahnhof?, from there take the ?S-Bahn? S5 or S7 (fast train) to station ?Ostbahnhof?.
Airport Schönefeld to the venue:
Sbahn ?Ostbahnhof? is the closest station to the venue. The trains from Schönefeld airport are the RE7 & RB14 towards Spandau, get off at ?Ostbanhof?. There is also the S9, which is running a limited service at the moment, so may not be working when you arrive.
The platforms are clearly marked by route at the station.


You will all be arriving at various stations, but the BVG website will be able to give you all the information you need.
If you arrive by train we strongly recommend to continue your journey until Ostbahnhof – for you are only 2 minutes away from the venue. If you have to get out at a different station, continue via S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof, using your still valid train ticket (not valid in subway!)

ARRIVING AT THE BUS STATION – ZOB (central bus station)

(buy a single ticket 2,80 ? at present) from here you take the ?S-Bahn? to station ?Ostbahnhof?.

HOSTEL- Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat

Hostel Eastern Comfort Boat
Mühlenstr 73-77, 10243 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 66 76 38 06
?Warschauer Strasse? is the closet SBahn station to the hostel, it is just one stop from ?Ostbahnhof? where the venue ?Maria? is.
If you don?t have too much luggage it is also walkable from the venue. Follow the link to their website for more detailed transport information. (Only applicable to those staying at the festival hostel). Please bring a sleeping bag or sheets can be purchased for 5 Euro.