Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin


Friday: Discussions

Discussion 1 – Held in English – 16:15 – Centre Stage

discussion-1Online Distribution: Netlables acting as a hinge between the creative package and the changing market
Moderator: Moritz Sauer (Phlow)
Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategies)
Tanith (Tanithblog)
Liam Arnold (Little Rock Records)
Pheek (Archipel)

Discussion 2 – Held in German – 16:45 – Back Door Room

discussion-2Creative Commons 3.0 – Nationales Recht und Internationale Rechte der Musikschaffenden
Moderator: Volker Tripp (Ideology/Jura Intensiv)
Markus Beckedahl (newthinking)
Johannes Kreidler (
Danny Bruder (Copycan)

Discussion 3 – Held in German – 19:00 – Centre Stage

discussion-3Verschenkmusik in kapitalisierten Gesellschaften
Moderator: Johnny Häusler (Spreeblick)
FC Stoffel (Cologne Commons)
Volker Tripp (Ideology/Jura Intensiv)
Timor Kodal (Pulsar/Netaudio Berlin)

Saturday: Discussions

Discussion 4 – Held in German – 15:00 – Centre Stage

discussion-4Alltogethernow – Berlins Alternative im Musikbusiness
Moderatorin: Geraldine de Bastion
Andreas Gebhard (newthinking)
Remco Schuurbiers (Club Transmediale)
Johannes Wengel (PLAYBerlin)
Peter Armster (Whatpeopleplay)

Discussion 5 – Held in English – 19:00 – Centre Stage

discussion-5East meets West –  Netlabels: Networks as Pioneers
Moderator: Andi Studer (Netaudio London/Cenatus)
Piotr (Qunabu)
Dzmitry Ladzes (Haze Netlabel)
Jan Ragan (Sologroove)
Max Cavalerra (

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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