Berlin Wall of Sound

As you now know, the location of this year’s Netaudio Festival is Maria am Ostbahnhof, a club located exactly where the former Berlin Wall once stood, dividing the city from the 13th July 1961 until the 9th November 1989. As this year’s festival theme is East meets West and it occurs just before the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, we thought this was too good an opportunity to miss, and in the spirit of the netaudio, creative commmons & open source communities, we want you to contribute and be part of it.

So, the idea was hatched in the kitchen of the Netaudio Berlin headquarters to create a sound map of the Berlin Wall, which will be hosted by radio aporee. We want your field recordings from the route of the wall. The wish would be to have a set of recordings taken from the entire route of the wall. Considering that sites such as tourist spots, a circus, a Wagonburg, a bus stop, a river and open countryside lie on it’s route; it should be possible to make a varied sonic tapestry of the route. We would like this to be Netaudio Berlin’s gift to the people of Berlin, without whom the festival would not be possible.

Guidelines for submission

  1. We want recordings from the route of the former wall as it sounds now, in 2009. So, if you have recordings from the wall era of things like patrols, tanks, dogs or whatever, great ? but we don’t want them. Try the city’s museums instead. This is about how this area sounds NOW, & should reflect how the city & it’s people have reclaimed this space.
  2. No obvious music. By this, we mean don’t stick your latest track in a ghettoblaster placed by the wall & then record that as a submission. Stick to Soundcloud or whatever for that. It’s inevitable that some music will creep into recordings, given the nature of some of the locations (near roads and clubs etc). Use your imagination and discretion. This is a Creative Commons project, recordings should reflect this.
  3. Likewise, no interviews. There are many opportunities to hear the 1000’s of ‘wall stories’ this year. We’re leaving them to the established media, they do a way better job than we could. We do field recordings.
  4. No adverts either ? this is not the place for viral marketing.
  5. No recordings of a violent, homophobic, sexist or racist nature ? you should call the police instead. Berlin has had more than it’s fair share of that crap.

OK, so that’s our rules.

How to contribute

  1. Go to the berlinwallofsound aporee map or use simply use this project page.
  2. Find the place where you recorded the field recording on the map and click on that point. A popup window opens and asks you what to do. Click on upload sound. In the right bottom corner you have to type in name and info about the recorded sound.
  3. Once you uploaded a sound you have a profile on radio aporee and you can edit it. Please check your e-mail.

More help: Click on the info button at the bottom of the map & then go to the help section. A popup window will open, select the 1st topic how to participate. In the 2nd section here add places & recordings you will see radio aporee’s guidelines on how to contribute to the Berlin Wall of Sound which we ask that you kindly observe.

Above, be creative and have fun doing it. Let’s make a wall of sound!

20 Responses to “Berlin Wall of Sound”

  1. Will this project still be up and accepting entries during the festival?

  2. Don says:

    yes of course, it’s an ongoing project!

  3. Dr.Nojoke says:

    On the very first day of the festival (thursday, the 8th of oct.) TRIoon will do an audiovisual performance based on that field recordings. Don´t miss it! :-)

  4. J-Lab says:

    All contributions welcome. We want this to be a sonic reminder of the wall & how the environment around it’s path is changing. Don’t miss the 8th!

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  12. Luke says:

    Are the soundclips on this map available for public use (i.e. composition) I am interested in making a piece based solely on using these sounds.

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  15. Excellent article, bookmarked for future referrence

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