Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Konrad Behr

Musiker, Organisator und Labelbetreiber

born 1974 lives and works in Dresden
1990 – 1994 professional training as precision mechanic
since 2000 programmer and graphic designer at the a video production company in Dresden
since 2000 various mp3 and vinyl releases as ‘bad comfort’
since 2001 several DJ performances (mostly creative commons music)
since 2003 co-organization of ‘audiolab’ workshops and concerts for electronic music, Dresden
2003 – 2010 monthly radio show “Cuts&Mouse”, together with Gregor Kinast, playing free creative commons music only at (Switzerland), coloradio Dresden and (non-profit, commercial free internet radio station).
2003 founding member of phonocake (Dresden based creative commons weblabel), together with Sven Dämig and Rico Honisch.
since 2004 founder and developer of (former weblabellist and portal for netaudio news  since 2005 support of creative commons weblabel for home made pop music:
2007 co-organization of ‘DIY 2.0-Festival’ for ‘On Call’ at 7.Stock, Dresden
since 2009 collaboration as specialized partner for multimedia lab of IDEE 01239 e.V. in Dresden
since 2009 Member of ‘ensemble zinovieff’, experimental music project with Sebastian Drichelt and Felix Krüger, Performances in Graz, Vienna, Dresden, Hamburg
2010 co-organizer of ‘DONNERSTAG‘, series of workshops about of electronic music at Riesa e.V. , Dresden – with Felix Krüger, Sebastian Drichelt and Denise Ackermann
since 2010 co-organizer of several concerts for netaudio artists in Dresden (Tupolev, Alexandr Vatagin, Peter Venus, Karaoke Tundra, Cyclotron)

Discography (extract)
2009 “The Sun Is Down!” remix for Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band digital release at Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band website
2008 “samstag abend” album, digital release at
2007 “krnd”, mini CD-R at Retinascan
2006 “Cute People And God” remix for Transient, digital release at
2006 participation at Bitlabrecords compilation, CD at Bitlabrecords (Hungary)
2004 “Two Directions” ep, vinyl at Seldomtype (Switzerland)
2004 participation at Numia Netlabel Battle, digital release a
2003 “Postplatz” ep, digital release at
2002 “Songs Called Unbenannt” mini album, mini CD-R at Retinascan
2001 “Bad Disk” album, CD-R at Retinascan