Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Feelings about netaudio

by Beth Pibernat

Best feeling I got from Netaudio Berlin Festival was a very good organization and of course, the good treatment with collaborators, artists, festival developement…

I felt very comfortable and happy to participate in a festival of this nature for many reasons, first of all, to give me the opportunity to present my festival that took place on the 8th of March 2010 in Barcelona: Festival Femelek.

Second, having opportunity to release and EP for the excellent French netlabel LCL. It was my 1rst chance to release as an artist; Netaudio Berlin give opportunities to many up-and-coming talents.

NOTE: LCL – December 2009

“This EP is our second “Carte Blanche”, a series that aims to focus on artists far from our usual musical line in order to share sonic discoveries. So be warned: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DUB ;) For this opus, we present Vinilette, a spanish female electronic music producer and DJ we met at the Netaudio Berlin Festival in October 2009. We had the idea of this spontaneous release talking with her, and serve it to you fresh as sushi (we discover the result with you!). Be ready for some subtle progresive electronica & techno with a slice of house!

Link to the track on LCL website

There were very interesting netlabels from around the world whose operators exposed their particular vision of present and future of netlables, where exchanging ideas was easy; without too much focusing on research or experimental projects, bringing music and atmosphere for a diverse public.

As a whole Festival Netaudio Berlin was so complete and rich of ideas, a part from parallel activities as the fair: lectures, workshops, installations, good musical programming…. excellent experience!


Vinilette, the organizer of the Barcelona-based Festival Femelek, retains her personal highlights of the Netaudio Festival. The annual Barcelona’s festival – celebrates women and electronic music. Features musicians, dj’s and mulstidisciplary artists, is considered Barcelona’s best venues.

After six years, Femelek, has established definitively as a platform that leverages the national female scene. Supporting arts community that inspires, breaks down stereotypes, and encourages creative expression.

More photos from image in acción

CC-Licence for the photo

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