Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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QuarterBit appears on Day program

Friday  – 15:15 – Main Stage

QuarterBit is the project of Sound Designer Fernando Fonseca QuarterBitthat started in 2006 with the project CityScapes, a databending project that turned video stills into sonic data (sound and midi). On his work QuarterBit uses two different dimensions: the world around him as a source (“The Broken Series” projected consisted  of damaged appliances like one old refrigerator and a broken MD player) and  the mathematical world of self developed Max/Msp patches that he feeds back to the world around him, only to make it captive again inside a patch. QuarterBit works with  the duality beween the raw and visible melted with the abstract. Currently QuarterBit is working on a remix for the “Cosecha” EP from Kieron James, soon to be released. QuarterBit communicates with others mostly by  using the artificial language Klingon. Bring your own dictionary.


Kyoto Series installation at the Digital Fringe Festival, Melbourne, Australia (2007)
City Specific Sound Design piece for the Kyoto Modern Art Museum, Kyoto, Japan (2007)
Site Specific Sound design piece for the ExchangeRate2008 Exibith curated by Ellana Mann (2008)
Project Specific Sound Design piece for the Bavarian Public Radion comissioned by JourParJour (2008)

(PS004) Kyoto Series

About PublicSpacesLab
PublicSpaces Lab, is  a laboratory for experimental electronica, ambient and field recordings and the odd minimal techno incursions releasing, under a creative commons license, since 2007. Based in Barcelona, the netlabel has been releasing artists from all over the world, from Argentina to Australia.

More about QuarterBit

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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