Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Netaudio Ping Pong

Netaudio Ping Pong appears on Day program

Netaudio-PingPong-by-Eelco-Borremans? part musical performance, part interactive game for all to play?

Based on “run around” table tennis, where participants mingle with cutting-edge technology to produce some wicked beats! The game is set around a ping pong table equipped with 2 sets of electronic drum pads. Up to 8 players are invited to queue on either side of the table. When the performance starts, each player has a turn to improvise music on the pads for 4 bars. A control mechanism in the software switches focus between the two sides of the table, so that players gradually rotate around the ping pong table. The players aim is to contribute towards a seamless musical mix. A player drops out from the performance by missing their turn, or jumping in too soon, thereby triggering an alarm or by playing to the dislike of the audience. Eventually there are only two players left performing in the final.

Typically a Ping Pong session lasts 20 minutes and can be performed a number of times over an afternoon/evening. The last year has seen Netaudio Ping Pong hit the road with successful sessions being held at festivals in Manchester (Futuresonic) and Wales (Freerotation) with further parties in London and Berlin. It?s proven to be a great tool for introducing the Netaudio spirit to a wider audience as well as giving lots of people the chance to play around and interact with music technology, some for the first time.

Netaudio Ping Pong is an interactive music concept by Andi Studer for Cenatus Music Projects. It was developed as a taster for the 2008 Netaudio Festival in London and has since taken on a life of its own with the latest appearance at Club Transmediale 09.

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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