Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Lukatoyboy appears on Day program

LukatoyboyFriday – 16:15 – Main Stage

Luka Ivanovi? / Lukatoyboy (born 1981 in Belgrade)

Musician, Sound Designer, Journalist, Radio Editor

Lukatoyboy?s main sound/music activities include producing & performing electro-acoustic improvised music (based on real-time sampling of various objects, toys and voices) using feedback, field recordings and small iPod FM transmitters. On the other side of the groove, he is playing nanotechno and free IDM on a Game Boy.

He has performed at various relevant Serbian music festivals and specific events, but also in the Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo…

After the invitation to teach music workshops on circuit bending (in Croatia and Austria), he started the first series of electronic music workshop for kids.

They are aimed to provide the knowledge and gadgets/instrument options for kids & their parents, in order to help them to start making music while they are really young, but also to show them some guidelines for performing, using affordable commercial products (small Korg synthesizers/samplers) and commercial, but also homebrew software for Nintendo DS game console.

As an improv musician, in 2007 he played live via audio/video streaming session with New York free jazz trumpeter Peter Evans. They met on MySpace, and the gig was their first musical meeting. They continued to play live as a duo in 2009, with shows in NYC, Moers and Belgrade.

In 2008 he collaborated as a “Balkan represenattive” with members of Swiss Ensemble Du Nord (touring with Jonas Kocher’s Swiss-Balkan Creative Music project) and Sainkho Namchylak. Later that year he played a mini-tour in Switzerland in a quartet with Peter Evans, Laurent Bruttin & Jonas Kocher.

He was the editor of a radio show Cut-Paste FM on Belgrade city radio Studio B. The show was aired for 8 years, with the playlist of “Albums to sleep with” charting in The WIRE magazine. The show is supposed to change its form and move on to the Serbian national radio.

In the turbulent Serbia’s music market past, he was involved in Belgrade’s CDR store Bluebox which was influential in the country’s musical underground from 2001-2003. It offered music which was impossible to buy, or heavy to find (at the time still without broadband internet) in Serbia.

In 2007 he was a co-organizer of improvE nights in Belgrade, encounters of electronic musicians and improvisers, which also served as a host for the local SHARE events. A new initiative, to host SHARE-like series of events, but for kids, is in the pipeline. In the same year, he was also one third of recently disbanded electronic noise-rock band Pending, playing synthesizers and samplers. Another new band – CasTrio, was formed in spring ?07 – which focuses on limitations and advantages of the vintage Casio toy samplers, which are circuit bent and used as audio/video instruments.

He was a musical supervisor and sound designer for theatre plays (Velika Bela Zavera, Druga Strana, Mu?ka Stvar and Sanjari) in Belgrade.

As a journalist, he wrote about music, pop culture and internet/technology related topics & reviews in various magazines and websites in Serbia (Playboy, Huper,, Evropa, Time Out…)

His music can be found as Creative Commons licensed files.

Notable live appearences

International :

2009 Concert duo with Videoface (Game Boy set)

2009 Concert duo with Peter Evans at Trojan Horse, avant Moers Festival in Moers, Germany

2009 Workshop with kids at n!mm, avant Moers Festival in Moers, Germany

2009 Love song for the Grand Prix d’Amoure project at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin

2009 Concert duo with Peter Evans at Paris London West Nile, New York City

2009 Workshop + concert with kids at Communikey, Boulder, Colorado

2009 Dis-patch On Tour: Zagreb (with WoO and Labosh), Skopje, Novi Sad, Belgrade

2009 Workshop + concert with kids at Clubtransmediale, Berlin

2008 Swiss mini-tour (Geneva, Zurich, Sion, Bern) with Peter Evans, Laurent Bruttin, Jonas Kocher and others

2008 St. Pölten, Parque del Sol Festival

2008 Krakow, AudioTong

2008 Warsaw, Balkan Express Festival

2008 Swiss Balkan Creative Music Tour with Ensemble Du Nord and local musicians (Sarajevo, Beograd, Sofia, Skopje, Prishtina)

2007 Zagreb, Velesajam kulture

2007 Sarajevo, Swiss Balkan Creative Music

2007 Zagreb, Mars Festival

2007 Stavanger, Dial-a-Diva – phonecasted from Serbia

2007 Vienna, Elak Gala

2007 Zagreb, Videoskop Festival (with CasTrio)

2007 The Hague, WASTED 5 Festival (solo Game Boy set + Pending)

2007 Amsterdam, De Peper Bar (solo Game Boy set + Pending)

2007 Budapest, UH Festival

2006 Amsterdam, De Balie – part of the “A Rough Guide To Belgrade” project

Serbia :

2009 Concert duo with Peter Evans at Ring-Ring Festival

2009 Solo Game Boy techno live set at Dis-patch On Tour

2008 Kid’s-patch: electronic music workshop for kids, Dis-patch festival

2008 CCBit – live remix of a Creative Commons licensed vinyl record by dieb13 & Takeshi Fumimoto

2007 Oktopus Biennale – concert for Game Boy and samplers

2007 Swiss Balkan Creative Music –  (with Ensemble Du Nord and local musicians) – cracklebox, voice, samplers

2007 Oktobarski Salon – Noise Bath for Johnny Ratzkowich

2007 EXIT festival – Nanocore, minimal techno on a Game Boy

2007 World Music Day  ? 8 hours of Game Boy music at the streets and parks

2007 improvE – processing the archive of field recordings from Belgrade

2006 BELEF – Auditorium Mix for the CZKD venue and its garden, sampled and processed

2006 Suspended Adolescence – Toys are instruments, not toys – two short presentations of various sampled objects and voice

2006 Soundscapes – Crackling Chaos

Early years :

2005 Soundscapes, within skiiiik++

2005 NPR broadcasting, within skiiiik++

2004 EXIT festival, within skiiiik

2003 Dis-Patch festival, within skiiiik

More about Lukatoyboy

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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