Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Buben [live]

Buben appears on Day program

BubenSaturday – 19:30 – Main Stage

Vladislav Buben – Minsk, Belarus was born in 1973, Chechersk, Gomel region, Belarus.  A musician, promoter, artist, creator of  radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav represented TV show about alternative electronic music ?Called for the electricians? on local MTV (Belarus).  7 years Vlad represented a radio show called “The Lost World” (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme & alternative music.) Radio “Mir” 107.1 FM. Now Vladislav is main coordinator of Unsound-Belarus festival , coordinator of INTouch festival, concerts and events.

Buben has created many musician groups and projects in different styles.  His music projects include – (Buben, Prus, Zeroism, Donald dark, Ego,Zhraja, Manstappz, Kein, Shamaniac, Over voltage, Bolshevik, Omen faustum, ex Ambassador21, Perpetual deathic, Kein, Skvarka, Criminal chromosome, I me mine, Bachus, Panie Kahanku, Barflys dreams e.t.c. Vladislav has also recorded colabration projects with-Karsten Hamre-Penitent (Norway), Martin Steinebach-Stillstand (Germany), Pinch (U.K.), Herman Muntzing (Sweden), School of exist (Spain), Gintas K (Lithuania) and other musicians around the world.  Many labels across the globe have released Vladislav Buben records – Urbcom (U.K.), Marasm records (France), Vertex recordings (U.K.),  Biv0uac (U.S.A.), Earth monkey productions (U.K.), Dreamlandrecordings (Australia), N.K.S.International (France), Takkeherrierecordings (Holland), ?ompletelygonerecordings (U.S.A.), Format noise (Germany), Agonal period (U.S.A.), Crater records (U.S.A.), Deep-X Recordings (Russia), Prakteek sound (Russia), Beergut recordings (U.K.), PlusPlus (Germany), Musiclikeplanets (U.K.), Garganrecords (Germany), Tibproductions (Norway), Noise-joy (U.S.A.), Myuzyk (U.K.), Noiseworx(Ukraine), Serxxi Records (Spain), MyMyLittle (Belarus), Desolatesonorities records (Norway), Monokrak (Switzerland), Intox Noize (Russia), Roil noise (U.S.A), T?an!Kaven !!Ash!!! (The Eastern front)(Israel), Audiotong (Poland), No Angels (Poland), Amduscias records (U.S.A.), Ekleipsi records (Italy), Survival records (Hungary),

Crop circles industries (France), Smellthestench (Australia), Sudden death records (Canada), Agressive guerilla records (Holland), DaDaist audio (Holland), Redstar budapestrecords (Hungary), PravDaDA org. (Holland), System hang (Singapoure), Clinicalarchives (Russia), Chase records (France), Black orchid (Chech), Haze org. (Belarus), Dis production (Belarus), Invasion wrechords (Belarus), Zaftich research (U.S.A.), Kaos-ex-machina (Poland), Ruszud (Russia),

D.A.C.records (Ukraine), Protoplazma (Latvia) e.t.c. Vladislav played concerts in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Austria and more than 200 gigs in Belarus.


Berlin/ Arthouse Tacheles 14-22.08.2006

Minsk /Podzemka Gallery 9-12.03.2007 (Haze org. exhibition)

More about Buben

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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