Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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DJing as a Cultural Technique between Digital & Analogue – Lecture by DJ Aroma

DJing as a Cultural Technique between Digital & Analogue – Lecture by DJ Aroma appears on Day program

Freitag – 13:45 – Centre Stage

The MP3 has become the most prominent media format for music. Club Culture still tries to ignore this revolution sticking to old symbols of DJing as much as possible. DJ Aroma will talk about digital versus analog and DJing as a phenomena of Club Culture. Unpicking the secret structures and hierarchies in media used within turntablism. Her lecture is also in part an anthology on contemporary Club Culture. For over 10 years the Berliner cultural scientist DJ Aroma has worked internationally as a DJ and producer. She is also an active authoress for various media in the range of technology.

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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