Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Discussion 5 – ‘East meets West’ – Netlabels: Networks as Pioneers

Discussion 5 – ‘East meets West’ – Netlabels: Networks as Pioneers appears on Day program

Saturday – 19:00 – Centre Stage

discussion-5(Held in English) Through the economical possibility of operating a netlabel and of publishing music, a digital music market with international standards is established in the comparatively moderate capitalised societies of Eastern Europe. This is in particular carried through digital music distribution. Aspects of the introduction to the market, the distribution, the presentation form as well as marketing are clearly manageable means on advanced levels. Without having to go a time- and cost-intensive way to develop over local, regional, superregional and international levels of conventional label activities, a Portfolio can be ensured from the beginning as a Netlabel of an international relevance. Possibilities are  to be pointed out, contacts as well as co-operations to be mediated and know-how to be transferred, in order to make technical, administrative and content based experiences usable in the context of the main topic East meets West.  Here in particular the international framework of Creative Commons plays an interesting role, which creates in East  and West, indiscriminately legal based conditions.

Moderator: Andi Studer (Netaudio London/Cenatus)
Piotr (Qunabu)
Dzmitry Ladzes (Haze Netlabel)
Jan Ragan (Sologroove)
Max Cavalerra (

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

2 Responses to “Discussion 5 – ‘East meets West’ – Netlabels: Networks as Pioneers”

  1. Simon Roy says:

    The participants should be updated:

    Dzmitry Ladzes (Haze Netlabel)
    Fernando Fonseca (PublicSpaces Lab)
    Jan Ragan (Sologroove)
    Piotr Kalinski + Mateusz Wojczal (Qunabu Netlabel)

    Here’s a link to the audio recording of the discussion:

  2. […] he dicho, la última mesa redonda se titulaba East meets West Netlabels: Networks as Pioneers y reunía a responsables de netlabels de diversos países de Europa “del este” […]

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