Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Discussion 3 – Verschenkmusik in kapitalisierten Gesellschaften

Discussion 3 – Verschenkmusik in kapitalisierten Gesellschaften appears on Day program

Friday – 19:00 – Centre Stage

discussion-3(Held in German) In the context of an existing capitalistic constitutional structure, enterprises? e.g. the conventional music business – define success and feasibility primarily on the basis of sales figures, profit margins and refinancing strategies of the promotion expenditure. Concentration processes of the major labels, absorption and the disappearance of independent music labels as well as an orientation of the booming mass markets have been transfigured until a few years ago to a systemic necessity ? in ever more excessive ways.

Again netlabels giving their products away publicise a contrary way: Here a new label-oriented and digitally structured independent music scene develops, which endeavor to distinguish themselves with their profiles instead of presenting digital releases to suit the musical mass taste. On the other hand, netlabels such as Thinner recently turned away from the gift model. Artists, who managed the jump into sales ranks, want no further involvement in netlabel releases. At the other end, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Prince and numerous other commercially and extremely successful top stars give away their albums to hundreds and thousands of fans and potential concert visitors.

How can the view on the role of netlabels be extended and changed  in order to encourage the generation of income for both the artists and the netlabels themselves.  Are hybrid forms between netlabels and commercial labels the way out of poverty for musicians?

Moderator: Johnny Häusler (Spreeblick)
FC Stoffel (Cologne Commons)
Volker Tripp (Ideology/Jura Intensiv)
Timor Kodal (Pulsar/Netaudio Berlin)

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