Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Yes – we can! Live Stream & Radio

Our venue, Maria am Ostbahnhof (Mao), really did not offer the best circumstances for broadband streaming and W-Lan facilities. Nevertheless we spend some energy, time and work in this issue to improve the situation – so that we now can announce that there will be a livestream from the festival – approximately for the daytime as well as the nighttime programme. More Infos, who, what and when will be issued here later. Watch out!

Additionally – and that is a very nice offer – we will be on terrestric radio in Berlin also: Together with Tim Thaler and we are organizing a radio nightshow for neversleeping Berlin.

Thanks to Herbstradio 99,1 Mhz who provides the internet streaming of the event, we will also be broadcasting saturday night on a berlinwide frequency (FM).

Here’s a list of all involved online- and offline sources:

n0theen / netzspanung (Sa 03.10. 22:30 – 00:30h (click for mp3-file)
Berlin Mitte Institut (full coverage)
netwaves (podcast > see website for more infos) (full coverage!)
Byte FM (FreeQuency Mo 19.10. > 21-22h)


Deutschlandradio Kultur / Breitband (Sa 10.10. live from the venue: 14:04-15:00h)
/ Nightflight (Mo 29.09. > 00:05 – 01:00h) – click for stream (expires Mi 07.10.)
/ Trackback (Sa 10.10. live from the venue: 18:05 – 20:00h)
/ Nightflight (Sa 10.10. > 00:05 – 03:00h)
Motor FM
Herbstradio (So 11.10. live from the venue: 01:00h-morning)

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  1. Buddhaboy says:

    This is excellent news for those of us so far away from Berlin!

    thank you

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  4. […] for all the readers from other places: there will be a livestream: Tune in: 08.10.10pm cet – 11.10.??pm HERE here are the details of the stream. […]

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