Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Nettare – Italian music underground visible

Nettare –  this is the Italian network of netlabels. Nettare is also the first Italian festival dedicated to netaudio. And: Nettare is a box of pearls lifted from Italian musical underground.


Since a few years the Italian netlabel community has been attracting more and more netaudio followers to their steady developing output of high quality netaudio releases. The hotspots of Italian netaudio scene can be located in Torino (Tonimusic | Chew-Z | Nastro Rec. | Silenzio), Bologna (Homework Rec. | MicroLabel | Musicaoltranza), Milano (Ekleipsi | 51beats | Inv3rno), Roma (Nordik | Dharmasound | Naked Noises| Upitup | Ogredung) and Genova (Flexible Audio | ruzzi NET | Costreetrec). Besides there is a long list of netlabel activities going on – such as in Modena (Zymogen), Cagliari (Signorafranca), Irpinia (A Quiet Bump), Trento (Muertepop),  Venezia (Deep in Dub |  Radiance Collective), Firenze (Pitjamajusto), Sardegna (Roh Rec.), Treviso (Vuoto ), Cuneo (Quantum-Bit), Agrigento (Rudimentale), and last but not least Napoli (Officine F.R.O.G. | Sunday Morning Brain Production/Barfog).


Most of the above mentioned netlabels are now forming the nettare-network “to make the underground of the underground visible” – as Michele Giovannini explains it. He’s one of the main architects (also in real life…) of the nettare structures – and at the same time one of the heads of the above mentioned electronic music producers? collective “Homework Rec.“. On this 6th of December nettare came out with a nation-wide campaign to drag electronic music out of the dungeons of Italian music.

nettare06.gifIn Milano the techno Orchestra of Inv3rno presented a wide selection of electronics at the “Rocket” before the Oem Quartet played a live set of break beat and ambient. At this time in Torino the four netlabels Tonimusic | Chew-Z | Nastro Rec. and Silenzio set up DJ- and live-sets of Turin-based netaudio artists Titta (Toni Music), Step (Silenzio), PassEnger (Radiance Collective) and Binary (Chew-Z) in a place called “La Drogheria“.  In Cosenza the Napolitanian netlabel Officine F.R.O.G. presented shows of their artists LUCAMOKA  and NATEGE at Spazio Cult. Zabriskie. Firenze was the place for netaudio artists Sonotheque (Silenzio, Flexible Audio) who was sharing the night with Berlin artist Jan Krueger (Hello?Repeat) at the Viper Club. At the “aperitivo” (the warmup-for-nightlife-time between 6 and 9 pm)  Tantotempo & Simona Barbera of the Flexible Audio netlabel played at Genova‘s Rebecca Container Contemporary gallery. Finally there’s been a collaboration between Romaeuropa and Snob Production at Dimmidisi for the event in Roma. 5$man  of Homework Rec. played live while there were excellent visuals done by Mutech ( vs Daniele Spanò (Brancaleone/ DC10). All events were without entrance fee.


The main event took place in Bologna. It started a 2pm with the presentation of the nettare-compilation at the Piazza Nettuno, where everyone with a usb player/ -stick could download the nettare compilation from a special solar beatz station invented by Play on Plaid. 2 hours later there has been a workshop-talk with Raimund Reintjes & Don Ludwig of – as well as with Filippo Aldovini of Zymogen Netlabel, Luca Garuffi of Homework Rec. and Daniele Fazio of MicroLabel in the decent and art-related atmosphere of gallery/bar Sesto Senso.

Thereafter the audience were spoiled with some excellent livesets of Hirnlego (Homework Rec.) and Wang Inc MicroLabel.


The night continues at a place called “Cassero“, a Gay/Lesbian Center inside a mediaveal fortressed house. Here it was Berlin-based Andrea Sartori (Homework Rec.) who delivered an outstandig live set of minimal techhouse tunes before co-founder (with Björn Hartmann) of  Textone Netlabel (now shutdown) Jay Haze (Berlin) rocked the brimfull house until dawn with techy to vocal house clubtunes. Visuals were done by Hilbert K.


Unfortunately the Italian organizors did not manage to set up a working audio/videao connection between the single events – as planned – due to disaffection of the selected streaming partner. Anyhow: the idea to set up a  parallel event in several cities to reflect the net in terms of the indigenous method of distribution as well as the fresh form of relations between the different Italian netlabels is very strong and convincing. And with this concerted action the Italian netaudio community is more than visible now. Cooperation between nettare and – which is already co-operating with netaudio london – is aspired from both sides. It might also help the Italian netaudio activists to aknowledge that their pearl diving into the undergrund of Italian electronic music is starting to pay off in this unique nation-wide label structure – and is very much appreciated internationally.

Further infos & contact: /
+39 3484098052

nettare compilation:

nettare compilation


Gollywop- (51 BEATS)
Phooka- (BARFOG)
Simone Pelliconi – (CHEW-Z)
Punknow – (COSTREECT)
Mass Prod – (FLEXIBLE)
Tobler (Jambassa rmx) – (INV3ERNO)
Abstraakt – (NASTRO REC)
Jaeck The Bit – (QUANTUM BIT)
De haan_spruit – (RUDIMENATLE)
MEmathical – (RUZZY REC)
Topper – (SILENZIO)
Hugo vs Andrae – (TONIMUSIC)
Con_cetta – (ZYMOGEN)

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