Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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netaudio Berlin & London at CTM_09

The party is over – for this moment. The Netaudio Berlin and London crews introduced different aspects of netaudio to the audience of Club Transmediale. A day of experiments.

web0001 Afternoon: Andi Studer of Netaudio London and labelhead of After-Dinner Rec. is invited to take part in a discussion panel of this years’ daytime program of Club Transmediale [CTM] held in Bethaniens “Kunstraum Kreuzberg“. The panels’ headline writes: labels on the net – between gift-economy and enterprise. Thaddeus Herrmann of de:bug magazine who led through the sluggish queuing of different statements wasn’t quite in the topic. His questions’ reflecting more his assumption of the net economy than beeing anything developed out of the participants statements. His conclusion: Netlabels are on their way to change distribution from free to payed downloads. As most wellknown netlabel thinner won again the de:bug netlabel-ranking he at least had heard about their decisions. So he is not completely wrong. After Dinner though is actually not developing like tis. But this was nothing, Herrmann would know. Or ask. Like many other questions regarding the fast changing rules and chances of free resp. self determined aspects of the net-economy. Also Jan Gleichmar aka Disrupt of net- and vinyl-label Jahtari draws a different picture of his labels’ development. He’s looking at Jahtari’s net-, CD- and vinylreleases as a sophisticated label policy. He tries to explain that his free netaudio releases has taken him literally into the venues the world and opend doors of co-operation in artistic and other professional matters. Selling the vinyls is essential in the field of club-oriented dub music – where dubplates are the only ready-made item “allowed” to be used for riddims and vibez… In the meanwhile, his bookings are bringing in the money… Attention: Unexpected details are threaten to mash up the shallow surface of sleepy discussion! So Herrmann draw the attention back to keyword-dropping… web0006Myspace: two minutes, five minutes on GEMA, three minutes on the culture flatrate… I went out for a smoothy. Seven minutes before time the disussion came to a well-deserved end.
blankEvening: It started with an abstract sonic art presented by Ollie Bown‘s piece of generative computer music based on complex mathematical algorythms of a research project which tries to simulate organic behaviour. In form of virtual pets audio signals where born and visualized through red and white light circles on the screen. The interaction of the “pet-circles” again influences their development – and also the development of audio signals. Finally this process has impact on the birth of new pets… People are slowly dropping in. Everyone is in the state of orientation.

When the three sessions of Netaudio Ping Pong started within minutes a crowd gatherd around the table. In the best Web 2.0 ethos, members of the audience had the chance to cross the consumer / producer divide and perform themselves as part of the Netaudio Ping Pong sessions. Based on run-around table tennis, CTM visitors could lay their hands on some cutting edge technology and produce some wicked beats. As always, the game’s a very good catalyst for dragging down any surface of coolness of the visitors and is likely to create a communicative and relaxed atmosphere.web0005
In between the ping pong games there has been some ultra bass tracks of the next generation web-savvy dubstep and underground UK dance producers, collated by netaudio activist Spatial of London’s Afterwards self confessed sound nerd Norman Fairbanks of Berlin netlabel Pentagonik presented his latest sound tool – the Tenori-On – at his performance. Both appearances got the cameras of the various journalist clicking and handy movies where shot for other youtube addicts. In between all this a decent crowd has come to fill the venue.web0002
blankAir’s got warm and people were in the best mood for the night’s highlight, the collaborative performance-session featuring unique cross-cultural associations by London’s live-laptop producer J-Lab and Berlin’s sampling artists Dr. Nojoke. Both have been accompanied by Visual Artist Servando – constructor of the Techno-Tambourine and various other selfmade controlling tools. While he was experimenting with his controllers to modulate sound and visuals, J-Lab was playing the bass guitar and send some heavy basslines through his setup, than changing again to Ableton live and back to keyboards. Dr. Nojoke instead was armed as usual with his suitcase full of sound tools – from his nearly legendary empty water bottle to children toys and 10-Euro-Ethno-Kitsch-Percussion-tools. The outcome was highly impressive. A massive session with a wide range of moods and sounds, deep and tricky, hypnotic and mindblowing. The sessions’ end came much too early and was drowned in the wild applause of the audience.web0003
Finally Chris Box, member of the Netaudio London collective, had to explore the compatibility of his virtual record box in a back-to-back DJ set with Micamat, labelhead of Bologna based Homework Rec. – and one of the masterminds of Italian nettare-network. Netaudio Berlin in-house jock Cotumo had to be replaced shortly due to a fevery influenza. After some 30 minutes of wild beats between deep house and breakbeat-oriented mashup the evening at CTM faded away with a charming smile of Chris Box’s dubby techhouse solo.  At 03:30 in the morning the Tritamine VJ Collective asked the audience to “insert coin to continue” as their last intense and diversified visual statement of this long night.web0004
blankAfterparty: Only half an hour after finishing CTM, J-Lab’s performing his second live gig of the night in the “Dienstagswelt” at RAW.tempel. He was followed by the second appearance of Chris Box – continuing where he stopped at CTM. Deep and housy, dubby and minimal sounds could be heard onto the first rays of wednesday morning. I went home some 30 minutes before the last bunch of partymonsters. So I missed the obligatory picture of the red-eyed crowd at the very end of this long netaudio day.
More Photos could be found at our flickr groups the next days…  I presume…
[And sorry for the missing links in this article…]

3 Responses to “netaudio Berlin & London at CTM_09”

  1. vitaminK+ says:

    thank you for the wonderful night at ctm09!
    and thanks for this article…who did the nice pictures?
    all the best, knud (tritamin live video collective)

  2. admin says:

    you’re welcome… I (Raimund) wrote the article and shot the pictures…
    well… I thought YOU did them?


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