Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Hey folks, it?s again time to announce the next netaudio festival in Berlin. After 2007’s great rock?n’roll experience we?ve overhauled our engine, gathered the crowd and scoped out the next destinations! We?re still in the process of figuring out the most interesting highways and dirt roads of music, sounds and electronic arts that are produced, arranged, transmitted, distributed and/or discussed via the internet. The journey, this time, will not only take us to the vibrant intersections of the known territories and netlabel hotspots in the western hemisphere, but also to many fairly undiscovered spots and destinations in Eastern Europe. Within the vast and nearly white spots on the netaudio map we?re sure to find some inspiring audio-activists, netlabel enthusiasts, visual artists and music networkers to create exciting new sounds and explore future forms of co-operation.

HKFWe want our experiments in this years expedition will lead to a kiss, more than a clash, of ideas, styles and performances. So we’re trying to magnify the focus of music styles to cover a far wider range than in 2007. We would like to see POP & IDM artists on our three stages; there should be some heavy DUB & DUBSTEP involved; we?re looking forward to some freaky AMBIENT and LOUNGE tunes; we wish to see science fiction JAZZ and post-INDUSTRIAL projects and various other music traditions alongside our established ELECTRONIC section. Due to the fact that presently we?re not overlooking the details of the 2009 program at all, we might be as surprised as you are with what additional aspects we’re able to present. We?re doing it all with the kind and helpful support of Berlin?s  Hauptstadtkulturfond– without them we would hardly could think in this dimension?

Once again, we?re planning a free daytime program with lectures and workshops on various topics within the discussion of netaudio development. And as in the music program, there will be a focus on the east-west experience, know-how transfer, the exchange of ideas and methods of development.

At the moment, we?re aiming for a Thursday-to-Sunday expedition, adding an extra day to the program due to the variety of artistic expression we want to present. We are in contact with a very suitable and proper venue but have not finished discussions yet. This evening the crew will gather ‘to bang around with the starting gun’ or – to stay in the picture – give the crank of our expedition vehicle a few turns so that it brings us all the way to the 2009 festival! Why not have a think for yourself about the topic of interaction? And watch out for the forthcoming call for entries!

That’s all for the moment,
stay tuned

the festival crew

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3 Responses to “NETAUDIO:BERLIN 2009: EAST meets WEST”

  1. Tom Humphrey says:


    I’d like to introduce you to my proposal for this years Net Audio Festival. I run a retro arcade installation service for clubs and festivals. I can build the ultimate social space for strangers to meet and compete in a fun and friendly environment. The arsenal of equipment I have to my disposal is quite vast and can be seen in the PDF portfolio linked below:

    I done a small setup alongside Disrupt & the Jahtari label at the London Net Audio Festival which was a great success, nostalgic gaming brings smiles to many faces!

    Please have a look at the link and let me know what you think.

    Thanks, Tom

  2. Raimund says:

    Hi Tom,
    thanks for your proposal. We know your project from netaudio london 08 and we keep you in mind – though we though doing the entry procedure via the “call” rsp. the specific developed form… Thanks for your interest – we keep in contact

  3. work at home says:

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