Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Excursus: Phuturity Now! Open Culture on the Moon (and on Transmediale)

Two days ago, the Transmediale – one of the most influencal Electronic Arts Festivals – opened their gates in Berlin. After the joined Netaudio Berlin and London project in 2009, where we organized a night full of cc music within the Club Transmediale, in 2010 the c-base will present some highly interesting aspects of the open culture movement…

Underneath Berlin-Mitte, the relics of a space station from the future were discovered in 1995. Upon this revelation a group of researchers, activists, artists and enthusiasts founded the association known as c-base. Their aim is to promote the further examination and possible reconstruction of this presumably most unique cultural heritage of the future humankind. At transmediale.10 c-base will present PHUTURAMA ? Salon Subconference for spekulative and fictional design (in German). Within its own programme PHUTURITY NOW!, c-base presents examples of this vast field of design as a tm.10 Satellite.

A little aside our usual perspective on open music events we would like to draw the focus on the OPEN MOON project  – which we think is able to demonstrate the power and range of the ideas of open culture. It is also a quite abstract level which might also extend the way of thinking about it:

“A world-wide move towards conquering the moon?s surface once again is gathering pace and Germany is part of this move. Previous such initiatives have failed largely due to the lack of interest of the general population. However, Open Moon?s education programme intends to change this by calling upon the wider community to engage in the project and prepare society as a whole for space. We do not believe that space should be for the privileged rich few, or those working in the space industry. We believe space should be for all of us.

And Open Moon is more:

Open Moon is a think tank and a test laboratory for tomorrow?s technological development.
At Open Moon we are combining great potential, companies, corporate networks, affiliated business groups and open innovation to solve the complex technical requirements of this competition. Our minds are open to all possibilities and, therefore, our ambition does not stop here. The effect of our co-operation will be to find new technical solutions, products and business ideas we cannot even imagine today. We will use our existing knowledge to design and test the rules of tomorrow?s innovation management.

Open Moon is the place to be, to be a part of taking this competition to the next level. Everyone who is involved is participating in the worldwide marketing of the GLXP. Declaring our sponsors and sharers is an important part of the competition rules. You will not find a more efficient global spot for your skills. You are welcome.

The open phuture starts NOW!

Some selected events:

mo 01|02 | 17:00 | vernissage

mo 01|02 | 20:00 | 5 ? | Doing Strange Things With Electricity

COS Special
di 02|02 | 20:00 | Live: Cue; Ableton Multi-Touch

Die Zukunft der vernetzten Metropolen
mi 03|02 | 20:00 | Talk

Smartphones vs. Cyborgs
mi 03|02 | 21:30 | Talkshow

do 04|02 | 20:00 | featuring c-base Open Moon

fr 05|02 | 20:00 | classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer; Rubberhair

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