Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Co-operation with

Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 announces – aside from a few seperate and very special single projects –  the confirmed co-operation with – a large and highly creative collective of visual artists, Vjs, and amospheric light workers. Not only on the festival but also to jump into the right mood before you might check their artists pages for more infos and some visual impressions.

The following artists are involved into the festival:

e / e-gruppe
Kiritan Flux
pixelnoizz [Budapest]
– oigovisiones
– vj_del_cuento
Ilan Katin

TRItamine Video Collective

Outside aerea: Aerosol

2 Responses to “Co-operation with”

  1. Netaudiofestival in Kooperation mit Visualberlin…

    Das macht mich ja ein bisschen Stolz, dass das geklappt hat. Visualberlin kümmert sich kommplett um die Bewegtbildausstattung auf dem kommenden Netaudiofestival ein gute Wahl für beide Seiten und hoffentlich der Anfang einer langen fruchtbaren Zusamme…

  2. e says:

    looking forward! saturday-showdown.

    we love netaudio berlin!

    e ( koordinator :) visualberlin-netaudio-project)

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