Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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A lot of netaudio @ Club Transmediale 09

Club Transmediale – worlds famous and annual electronic “festival for adventurous music and related visual arts” – accepted’s proposal for a joined presentation of and netaudio london in 2009.  CTM will take place from 22st to 31st of January 2009 in various venues across Berlin.

A large daytime program under the theme STRUCTURES ? Backing-up Independent Audio-visual Cultures will address both theoretical and practical aspects of today?s independent and experimental music production at the intersections of pop and sound & media arts. An outstanding evening / music program with long clubnights is used to attract a wide international audience. For the CTM.09 Opening Concert on January 22nd Wolfgang Voigt will perform his legendary ambient project GAS live at Berlin’s Volksbuehne Theatre.

Netaudio Berlin and Netaudio London are going to present an evening of networked music: a programme inspired by netlabels, creative commons, digital production tools, web 2.0 and free culture with highlights from past, present and future Netaudio Festivals, held in annual rotation between Berlin and London. The joined program of and netaudio london will be presented on Tuesday 27/01/2009 at Club Maria as a taster to the next Netaudio Festival in Berlin in Autumn 2009 [expect more infos soon!]


Ollie Bown [UK] / Netaudio Ping Pong [INT] / Spatial [UK] / Norman Fairbanks [DE] / Dr. Nojoke & J-Lab & Servando Barreiro [DE/UK/ES] / Chris Box vs. Cotumo [DE/UK] / Visuals: Tritamin [DE]

The Netaudio programme gives the CTM audience an aural taster of the latest sounds of the Internet – ranging widely from abstract sonic art presented by Ollie Bown’s piece of generative computer music to the ultra bass tracks of the next generation web-savvy dubstep and underground UK dance producers, collated by Spatial.

A visual interpretation to this sonic discourse is added by live video collective Tritamin, aiming to explore the infinity of the Internet through modulation and self confessed sound nerd Norman Fairbanks presents a performance including latest sound tools as well as some rather unconventional machines.

Netaudio particularly focuses on collaborative performance with the session featuring unique cross-cultural associations by London’s live-laptop producer J-Lab and Berlin’s sampling artists Dr.Nojoke with VJ Servando. Chris Box, member of the Netaudio London collective, will explore the compatibility of his virtual record box in a back-to-back DJ set with Netaudio Berlin in-house jock Cotumo ? together they present an eclectic selection of creative commons licensed material.

netaudio ping pong

In the best Web 2.0 ethos, members of the audience will have the chance to cross the consumer / producer divide and perform themselves as part of the Netaudio Ping Pong sessions. Based on run-around table tennis, CTM visitors can lay their hands on some cutting edge technology and produce some wicked beats.


The netaudio night session is by far not the only netaudio-/ netlabel related topic of this 10th CTM: On Monday 26/01/2009 there’s the night of STFU – an international non-profit open collective of electronic musicians, visual artists, netlabels and promoters who organize concerts of electronic and experimental music using the internet as their main means of communication. STFU is a network of groups and individuals who come together to make live electronic music events happen. Past festivals have taken place in cities like Manchester, Glasgow, Marseilles, Rome, Athens, Helsinki and Heidelberg. A documentary film called STFU Glasgow: Netaudio in the Real World has been released under a Creative Commons license and can be downloaded here.

Further there are some netaudio artists who made it in the program on different ways – for example Jahtari‘s disrupt who’s in the program with Jahtari Bass Invasion on Friday 23/01/2009 (this day’s a dub highlight for anyone addicted to this style of music like me… including the 2007 film dub echoes by Bruno Natal or legendary UK soundsystem Mungo’s Hifi… to mention a few…). Youre supposed to discover more netaudio artist if you flip through the whole program…

We would like to meet you there! 

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