Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Archive for October, 2009

Liftoff Netaudio Berlin 2009

Dear netaudio friend, artist and/or festival visitors, well - posting these words on a rainy late morning, just a couple of hours ahead of the Netaudio Festival. Maybe some of you can imagine what a festival like this does to the people who are organizing it. Every kind of experience in life is pressed into one year of preparation, every mood, every feeling. It all started with the successful request to the Hauptstadtkulturfonds? The experiences of 2007, when we did the first issue of Netaudio Berlin ... Vorwärts...

German Embassy refused VISA for Dubosmium

Sad news for Dubosmium and Netaudio Berlin . Abdellah aka Dubosmium, invited to play in Berlin for the Netaudio Festival Berlin  (plus some appearances on an extended tour in France), has had his VISA refused by German Embassy in Rabat, Morocco -  and for this reason won?t be able to play. We're all very sad about this news - for we really tried hard to convince the Embassy of the outstanding character of Dubosmiums role in in african/arabian netaudio movement. We also were ... Vorwärts...

Mit Breitband ins UKW – Deutschlandradio Kultur sendet live!

Dass das Netaudio Festival in Berlin als netzbezogenes Musikevent von zahlreichen Podcasts und via Livestream im Internet zu hören sein wird, stellt keine wirkliche Überraschung dar. Gestern indes hat sich als fünfter Radiosender (nach, Radio Fritz, BLN.FM und Herbstradio) auch Deutschlandradio Kultur mit seinem Medien- und Netzmagazin Breitband zur Berichterstattung angemeldet. Das von uns selbst hoch geschätzte Medienformat wird am Samstag, dem dritten Tag des Netaudio Festivals, live berichten.... Vorwärts...