Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Volfoniq [live]

Volfoniq appears on Dub/Techdub/8Bit Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Les Cristaux Liquident, Jahtari, A Quiet Bump

VolfoniqVolfoniq is a French electro-dub band born in 2004, melting ska, reggae or ragga with electronics to create its very own interpretation of Dub. ?Respecting the roots of Jamaican music Volfoniq features driving skanks with built in low-fi and electronic moods, cooking the whole dish with world spices.

Since his birth, Volfoniq choose the “free” way to produce and broadcast his music (Creative Commons licence by-nc-nd 3.0)

Creative commons is not only about free download and copy, it’s also a means for Volfoniq to encounter other artists and have collaborations that would not have been possible if he was affiliated to an author rights management company.

That’s how Volfoniq met Jahtari the people in Germany (respect and blessings to you all) producing one 7? for them, Dr Dub in Holland, with which he made several dubs and remixes, and played with in the “Dub en sauce” festival. Through this he also met the Japanese hiphop artist Azzurro and made two remix with him out on wax in Japan. Lots of other collaborations were born like this (Ras Amerlock in the USA, Arrogalla & Sardinia Bass Legalize in Sardinia, Hotdrop in spain, Peak & Jambassa in Italy, Roots Ista Posse & Morpho in France,…).

This way of collaborating led Volfoniq onto numerous stages in France and also other foreign countries :

2007 – Sziget festival (Hungary)

2008 – 3 Kings Jam & Delicious Offbeat Vibration festival (Germany), La Coupole (Switzerland), Sistema de Sonido (Spain)

2009 –¬† White rabbit klub (Germany), Bergen Reggae festival (Norway)

Listen to Track lcl15-01-volfoniq-feat-volatil-skango + Visit Soundcloud of volfoniq

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