Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Urbanoise [live]

Urbanoise appears on Experimental Floor (Thursday)
Labels: Burning City

URBANOISEEA project that began in 2005, between friends, after jam sessions and having worked together in the making of a video for Athens Video Art Festival ’05. The point: creative interaction, experimenting, discharging from everyday routine, co-ordination. The Urbanoise Group Therapy. Sustained by Panayiotis Vaxevanakis, a.k.a. Asty Tekk, who has repeatedly collaborated with various musicians and/or friends, jamming and playing live in Athens and Thessaloniki stages. 2009 brings many new acquaintances and from mid-summer he teams up with 3 fellow- musicians, with Urbanoise now functioning as a band, orientated towards live happenings and recording the material produced. The Urbanoise feeds off the city we live; it influences, through images, sounds, thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Urbanoise are :

Asty Tekk  is wasting his time on synthesizers ,drum machines, stomp boxes, mics, amps, cables and old  lo-fi gadgets. He is  member of  hardcore- dub- punk band called Emptiness is Form . He is also a producer in a net radio

Clany Mendez aka your little life  by several artists and musical cultures, experimenting upon sounds and forms, creating moody hip hop tunes. In Urbanoise Group Therapy he finds himself in sampling and glitching some forgotten folk gems, aroused by the mixture of bang bloody electronic music and yesterday’s melodies, the old- fashioned and the contemporary, giving, well, what they really are, sound

Vassilios Ikonomidis   started studying classical piano and theory.Later on, in Italy, during his university studies, he was introduced to the flute and tenor saxophone. His musical influences from Autophysiopsychic Music which refers to music that comes from one’s physical, mental, and spiritual self are clearly audible, with spots for even more instruments like the djembe and other African and Latin percussions

Stella is professional whister, student and seeker of simplicity and thrill within. This is her official debut as a vocalist and has been all ears for years

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