Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Upitup feat. Tracky Birthday [live]

Upitup feat. Tracky Birthday appears on Pop & TripHop Floor (Friday)
Labels: UpitUp Records

TrackyBirthdayTracky Birthday is founding member of UpitUp Records, a netlabel operating from Rome, Italy. His musical styles range from Tiki to Disco, from Polka to Rap, from Carnival to Other, from Surf Rock to 8-Bit Techno to Dub. Besides having played in Liverpool, New York, Rome, Berlin, and Munich, Tracky was featured on Italian television as well as on the German kids’ show “Disney-Club”. He’s worked as chief editor for “Best before ? A Dsico Fanzine”, won a prize for internet art, won last year’s Wii-Mote Masters Tennis Tournament, is a member of the internet surfing club “Nasty Nets”, a special guest member of the artist collective “Shake Your Tree”, close friends with the pope and a proud father. One of these facts is a lie, can you detect which one?

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