Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

TRIoon [live]

TRIoon appears on Electronic Stage (Thursday)
Labels: Netaudio Berlin

TRIoonTRIoon is a live oriented AV project bringing together in a unique jam session three experienced independent artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches.

A TRIoon performance is a bending of time in realtime: where moments are reassembled using the resonant, the electrical and tools from a 1000 years of sonic evolution, colour, tone, light and shade.

TRIoon explores the realms of method, discipline, chaos, thought, feeling, boundaries, nation, culture and technology, improvising a narrative in realtime.

Armed with a guitar, a bass guitar, a box of children’s instruments, found objects, a radio, FX, self-built Minitronics and 3 laptops which they refuse to synchronise, TRIoon responds to the moment taking the audience on a total rollercoaster ride of the senses encompassing fragility, intensity, movement and stillness.

TRIoon is an international collaboration between producer/musicians Dr.Nojoke (Germany) and J-Lab (UK) & Spanish musician/visual artist, Servando Barreiro operating mainly in the Netaudio and Open Source community. At the moment they are based in Berlin, Germany.  TRIoon presented their debut performance at Club Transmediale 09 in

Dr.Nojoke (Frank Bogdanowitz) was born & raised in Berlin where his youth was spent in headphone-trips with electronic and progressive music. At home he carried out many wild experiments ? first with guitar, Casio, tape-recorder and echo-machine, later with bass and organ. He became active under the pseudonym Dr.Nojoke for the first time in 1999. Since 2005 he has been working on technoid sound-sculptures based on his archive of self-made noise-recordings he collected over the years ? a sound he calls Clikno. The last couple of years have also seen Dr.Nojoke release & remix tracks on digital labels such as Autist Records, Minimar, Archipel etc.

J-Lab (Jonathan Dickens) is a producer/musician originally from the UK, who has been establishing a reputation for his improvised live techno shows, where the performance is built on a response to the vibe itself. His productions are often performance-based, which are then heavily edited. A musician of many years standing with an interest in improvisation and multimedia performance. His is also active in the netlabel scene, having released EP’s and live recordings on several netalbels & is also involved with the organisation of both the London and Berlin netaudio festivals.

Born in Spain Servando Barreiro is able to look back through a rich musical journey: he started with piano lessons at age 7, played electric guitar and bass in garage-bands in his teens and discovered computer music in the 90’s. He also builds so called Minitronics, small electronic devices used to control visuals or music, such as the self-built ‘Techno-Tambourine’. Using a combination of hardware controllers, sensors and software tools such as Pure Data to create rich tapestries of sound & video in real time.

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?Air?s got warm and people were in the best mood for the night?s highlight, the collaborative performance-session featuring unique cross-cultural associations by London?s live-laptop producer J-Lab and Berlin?s sampling artists Dr. Nojoke. Both have been accompanied by Visual Artist Servando – constructor of the Techno-Tambourine and various other selfmade controlling tools. While he was experimenting with his controllers to modulate sound and visuals, J-Lab was playing the bass guitar and send some heavy basslines through his setup, than changing again to Ableton live and back to keyboards. Dr. Nojoke instead was armed as usual with his suitcase full of sound tools – from his nearly legendary empty water bottle to children toys and 10-Euro-Ethno-Kitsch-Percussion-tools. The outcome was highly impressive. A massive session with a wide range of moods and sounds, deep and tricky, hypnotic and mindblowing.?

just a bit.. from Servando Barreiro on Vimeo.

Listen to Track trioon-jam-sun041009-i + Visit Soundcloud of dr-nojoke

Listen to Track trioon-j-lab-dr-nojoke-servando-barreiro-live-jam-26jan2009 + Visit Soundcloud of dr-nojoke

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