Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

The Marx Trukker [live]

The Marx Trukker appears on Electronic Stage (Friday)
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The Marx TrukkerThe Marx Trukker started making music very early in his lifetime.  It must have been around when he was twelve and bought his first dj-mixer.  Experiments with tapes, later guitars and all that stuff you do when you are a young guy without money and just a small idea of what sound could be followed.  Then there were groovemachines,a small computer, which where all part of the journey to what came later…

Some years later a decision for an individual (mostly analog) sound and against the every-day-a-new-plug-in-mentality of todays music makers.  Turning knobs, twisting sounds, jamming and getting deep into single sounds – This is what The Marx Trukker is all about.

If you are at least one thing – be true to yourself.

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