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Tanith appears on Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Stage (Friday)
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TanithTanith started Djing in some Youthclubs in Alzey, a small town in Germany’s south. Every Friday night Tanith and his collegues played a variety of Punk, which was not really in the interest of the Hippy-promoters.

1984 Tanith moved to Wiesbaden, there he installed the Industrial event “Exzess”

1987 After 3 years Wiesbaden he moved to Berlin

1988 He attended his first Acid house parties in Berlin Locations like Tempodrom or Turbine. Then he has his debut as a DJ at the legendary UFO (the first incarnation of what became Tresor a few years later)

1989 Tanith organised “Cyberspace” his first personally organised night at the second UFO. In the same year he became resident of Tekknozid, the first german rave.

1990 Tanith becomes a journalist for Frontpage, the first German techno magazine and does the first european interview with Underground Resistance and countless record reviews.

1991 UFO Change to Tresor and Tanith became the first resident there. Hardcoretanith is called “the world’s hardest DJ, others call him “Lord of mean noises”.

Tanith was one of the Djs for the first Mayday celebrations and became resident for 8 following Maydays after that. He is also djing at Walfisch, the legendary After hour club in Berlin. He founded Bash Records with Jürgen Laarmann, Editor of Frontpage, in which he released his first collaborations with Mijk van Dijk.

1992 “Breakcore” is the title of Tanith’s Break beat event at Gymnastik, an ongoing love of Breaks evolves. In the UK he was the first German Dj at Universe and was responsible for bringing Hardcore to the UK.  This was then followed by an appearance as “DJ of the month” in Face and ID-Magazine.

1993 Tanith opens EXIT, which sets standards for after hour clubbing

1994 Tanith is Cofounder of Vereinsheim. At the Loveparade he shocks people with a real tank as a float.

1995 Rave & Cruise, Tanith makes it official that he will not play for Mayday anymore, which causes lots of discussions in the techno scene. On Sundays he regulary plays “Club the Rest” at Tresor with upcoming Djane – Ellen Allien.

1996 Tanith propagates a new sound which he calls a bastard between Trip Hop and Techno.  He organised “Skulls & Crossbones at E-Werk to give a platform to this new sound. Nature One happens for the first time and since then Tanith is a resident at that Event. He also gets his own Bunker there, to feature his definition of Breaks combined with Techno with his collegues from Timing.

1997 Back in the Studio, Tanith produces his first 12” for years with the guys from Genlof, the result is called “Bronco” and sells so well that it appears in the German Dance Charts on the selffoundes imprint Timing Recordings.

1998 Tanith does Remixes for the band Blind Passengers, Rammstein and finally signs to Motor Music for an album.

1999 The album gets released, “Still” is the title. Two videos accompany the album. After the album Tanith is reviving Bash Records to have an outlet for his more technooriented tracks and projects. With 7 gigs he is ´the most booked artist at the Loveparade.

2000 starts and sets standards of what a Dj-site can be. At the same time the Bashtour through Europe starts with collegues like Thomas P Heckmann, Thomas Schuhmacher, Rob Acid and Mijk van Dijk. It is one of the biggest and longest tours that ever happened in a techno context.

2001 Tanith is doing remixes for DJ Rush and Munich Performance artist Flatz.  Tanith was involved in the Berlin performance.

2002 Tanith parts, after another sucessfull yearly Tour through Germany, with the project TAKRAF, from Timing/bash to go his own way.

2003 Tanith opens as first DJ ever a Blog on his Website, where he shows his views and news and also communicates with his fans and readers.

2005 Tanith plays as a support dj for the Prodigy tour through Germany

2008 Tanith is leading actor in the documentary “we call it Techno”

2009 Tanith is again support DJ for the Prodigy tour in Germany

and in autum he is djing on the truck of the Pirateparty at the demonstration “Freiheit statt Angst” (freedom not fear)

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