Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Swift & Flip

Swift & Flip appears on HipHop & NuJazz Floor (Saturday)
Labels: Error Broadcast

swift & flipTwo giants in Netaudio joined forces. Throughout many genres, Filippo ?Flip? Aldovini ( and Sven Swift ( were known to deliver high quality and undogmatic next level shit ? now these guys dedicate their spare time to elevate experimental Hip Hop music. Error Broadcast is the name of the fresh Net- and recordlabel Flip and Swift run. For the first time, the Error Broadcast Soundsystem will hit stages with both Flip and Swift behind the wheels of silica ? usually loners, Flip plays different venues in Modena and its surroundings, while Swift has been spotted in clubs from D√ľsseldorf to Cologne. Loaded with the most heavy shit the Rap underground spit out, you can expect a bass-heavy maelstrom of experimental Hip Hop, unwashed Dubstep and skew-whiff Wonky music.

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