Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Stereoshape [live]

Stereoshape appears on Pop & TripHop Floor (Friday)
Labels: iD.EOLOGY

StereoshapeBy now Stereoshape is a 5 year old musicians trio consisting of Oliver Rieger, Jens Rödner and Lars Rödner. The band combines different musical styles and interweaves them into an electronic net of triphop, disco, funk and pop. The group has written on their flag, not to sample old vinyl records but to bring in all songparts, jingles and vocal parts by good old handcraft, in order to self-sample these works, and use it in their songs. By that they create their very own and concise Stereoshape – Sound, which always blurs boundaries, and to put aside fear of contact with different musical genres. The different musical developments of the individual band members characterize this particular mix of styles.

Jens Rödner is primarily a rock guitarist who has played over the years in many bands ensuring rich, powerful riffs and soli. His contemporary style evolved from the mix of various genres. From hard rock to jazz and blues through to funk. Longtime percussion jobs in samba bands made him develop his rhythmic style.

Lars Rödner comes, like his brother Jens, from Rock singing and also has a long band-history. But he is not satisfied with a genre – fixation, and makes a 3-year excursion into the classic, combined with professional vocal training and membership in various choirs. In parallel, he discovered his love of jazz and can not get enough of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Chick Corea. Inspiration for his singing are musicians like Billy Joel and Morrissey.

Oliver Rieger is the electronic heart, the AI of Stereoshape. His love for electronic music and his knack for the right beat at the right time make him the electronic collection point for the band. He is responsible for structure, shape and color of the songs. With him everything comes together by bundleing the musical output of the group and transferring it to the typical Stereoshape-sound.

After a long search for their own sound and numerous experiments, Stereoshape brought out their 2009 Debut E.P. “Hello City” on the great iD.EOLOGY Netlabel.

In the photo: from left to right Lars Rödner, Oliver Rieger and Jens Rödner.

Listen to Track stereoshape-so-hot + Visit Soundcloud of berlin-1

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