Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Scaff [live]

Scaff appears on Electronic Stage (Friday)
Labels: YukiYaki

Scaff aka Meic Kluge has loved Scaffdealing with regulators and knobs for 17 years. After his origin in the Pre-Midi-Aeara he has been touring through Germany as one half of the minimal-techno act “Wellenreiter”. Always in search of the perfect beat and a whole lot curiosity for innovations. He now seems to have concluded it.

His love for patch cables and his discontent with modern technics led him back to the achievements of the 70ies and 80ies: analogous modular systems. Using them  This form of production leads to unique landscapes of an ever modulating sound and beats that seem to want to flow into the ears of the listeners.

Scaff has announced the year 2006 as year of music and hopes to form new collaborations in his new home Hamburg. Furthermore he has planned more productions and a reunion with Enrica aka Auxx, the former “Wellenreiter”.

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