Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

rsp [live]

rsp appears on Experimental Floor (Thursday)
Labels: Sinergy Networks (Nastroje), Enypnion (Koktaje)

RSPrsp grows from a local underground electronic scene, he doesn’t respect music genres. Every event he plays is a journey through musical alleys of Detroit, Berlin or London guided by minimalistic structures, dub experiments or alternative hip-hop. After duby, moody releases for Sinergy Networks (Nastroje) and Enypnion (Koktaje) his talent was noticed by founders of Nowamuzyka festival 2006 and in result he performed his music next to dj Krush, Cristian Vogel and on Bast. Year 2008 stands under sign of Fusion Festival in Neustrelitz, Germany with his concert at Dubstation and festival of alternative cultures re:wizje in Warsaw. Current interests are far beyond strict schemes and labels. Collaborations with vocalist Ewelina Bartosik and jazz trumpeter Olgierd Dokalski creates space for reconstruction and experiments with previous releases, struggle with power of improvisation and exploration of fields, where electronics meets live instruments.

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