Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Proeff appears on Electronic Stage (Saturday)
Labels: PVSR-REC, CODE2, REC, subindustries, Pulsar-REC

proeffProeff is an electronic musician, who grew up in the age of digital music. Raised in east Berlin he discovered electronic music in the early 90´s.  It all started with a mass of cool tapes, he recorded/collected/bought/found/traded/etc.

The first parties in div. clubs like ElectroKohle, Tresor, WMF, Casino, Nontox, Ostgut, Polar TV, etc. followed soon.  He discovered vinyl-spinning by himself in 2000.  But spinning vinylz wasn´t enough & so he discovered the world of digital music-producing in 2004

In 2005 proeff & eska fumain discovered Ableton Live for their musicial-requirements in mixing and also in producing loops, tools and tracks.  They launched the community-project, live-act keep it deep

His music-style is based on electronic samples from (field-) recordings and different software tools, squired by clicky ? percussion/drum-lines, some housy/funky/bleepy/ambient_TuNEz & diverse vocal-sounds.

Proeff mostly plays on underground partys & netradioshows in and around Berlin for example:

Alte Weberei  (unkul)
Golden Gate (Berlin)
Psychiatrie (Kesselhaus) Herzberge
Big Blue Bar
Stereo 33
Süss war Gestern
Paradise FM

Today proeff prefers to use and create electronic net-audio&tool_music for his mixes & div. net-labels.  Always with an eye on the next possibilities it all could have in the near future..



1. div. releases on pulsar records
2. [sipm006] va – plusm!nus compilation 1
3. [sipm009] proeff – science friction EP
4. (code2_009) proeff – complicated EP
5. (pvsd_011) proeff – koala on a tree EP
6. [sipm012] various artists – plusm!nus compilation 2


1. mixotic 136 – proeff mixes Dr.Nojoke Cliknification
2. mixotic 157 – proeff – Pulsar Rec. Mix

Listen to Track keep-it-deep-liveact-by-proeff + Visit Soundcloud of proeff

More about Proeff