Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Ordoeuvre [live]

Ordoeuvre appears on Hiphop & NuJazz Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Good Netlabel

Ordoeuvre DJ Ordoeuvre is one of the best dj’s on the new french electronic music scene. DJ Ordoeuvre’s sound and style on stage is like no other. He makes full use of his skills and the open minded sound of magic fingers’ making concessions for no-one. Ordoeuvre spent the last few years playing in many different clubs and Festivals and prepared Dmc World Final. Ordoeuvre is one of the best young artists to come out of France where he has really made his mark thanks to his innovative and dynamic style. The sounds he uses are fresh, the mixes are original and beware, He works with one of the best music producers, who?s become a legend in the world of electronic music called LE JAD. His boundless energy is contagious Ordoeuvre has created his own ultra-dynamic style, Guaranteed to rock every party, make sure you don’t miss out on the new French phenomenon, You will be directly Ordoeuvre artist addicts.

Ordoeuvre is one of the best technicians on turntables worldwide,  he has received many titles in various Dj contest:

– Vice-World champion DMC & IDA 2007

– French champion DMC 2007 – 2005 – 2004

– French Champion Europe ITF 2005

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