Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Marc Schneider

Marc Schneider appears on Electronic Stage (Friday)
Labels: Wordandsound, Wasnotwas

Marc SchneiderMarc Schneider got his first taste for dance music via Hip Hop and golden generation artists like Public Enemy, Schooly D and Boogie Down Productions before visits to the legendary, groundbreaking club Front and other influential venues like Opera House and Unit introduced him to house and techno in ?91. He instantly caught the bug for electronic music, absorbed it’s sounds and lifestyle and made it his own, which led to his debut as a DJ only one year later. Blessed with a rare talent he secured gigs in hot-spots all over Germany almost immediately, was spinning on a global scale as soon as 1994 and held it down at big events like the Love Parade from there on. Yet he never steered away from the original grassroots approach of the movement and helped organize trend-settings events. Never having missed any major development or pivotal release in quality dance music.

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