Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Juno6 [live]

Juno6 appears on Electronic Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Oh!Yeah!, Liebe*Detail, Cargoedition, Broque

Juno6Juno6 exists in the city, with all its smog, noise, drugs, parties and all the weird folks you will meet there. When everything has calmed down the Beautiful Planet Earth is starting to work. The outcome is cold and warm, superficial and profound, cockeyed, hilarious but also necessary music.

In the past I spent many weekends and days on recording radio shows, exchanging mix tapes, literally absorbing the new music. Even today, 15 years later, I still feel the impact of this distinctive time, the subtle inner urge to somehow catch the energy at that time and present it in new makeup.  This ?Back to the Roots? mentality probably is the reason why I?m perform my live set without computers. I am simply relying on drum machines and synthesizer. But it is even more likely that I prefer this kind of method just because I started to make music in exactly that way. With twiddling keys and buttons.

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