Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Disrupt & MC. Troels Egern [live]

Disrupt & MC. Troels Egern appears on Dub/Techdub/8Bit Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Jahtari

DisruptDisrupt is the founder of the Jahtari label and producer of loads of 8-bit-low-end bliss since 2004. A selection of Jahtari net releases appeared on CD and vinyl on the London-based WERK label in 2007 under the title ?Foundation Bit?. The album quickly became a surprise hit and now ranks among the classics of modern bass culture.

Always pushing the sound onwards with fresh ideas and equal amounts of dirty heaviness and a good dose of humour, there’s no end in sight for future goodness.

Listen to Track disrupt-live-bxl-dec-2008 + Visit Soundcloud of netaudioberlin

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