Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Das Blaue Monster [live]

Das Blaue Monster appears on Electronic Stage (Friday)
Labels: Der Kleine Gruene Wuerfel

Gruene Wuerfel Das Blaue Monster 01Das Blaue Monster (Cologne, Germany) is a Live-Techno-Duo. The boy at the knobs, the girl at the microphone. It has quite an impact on stage: sequencers, samplers, synths and effects. No laptops ? no nonsense.  Their music consists of some dub-delays, some deep basslines, some preprogrammed loops and a lot of live-tweaking (also on the german lyrics).  When performing live, they often act on instinct, depending on the situation and the very moment. It can be nice and easy or tough and bitchy, but most of all they just wants to play and have fun.

Das Blaue Monster came into existence in the Summer of 2003 in Cologne, Germany. Their music is focussed on playing live, with all the knob-tweaking and effect using that makes it so much fun. They also like to sync their gear with other musicians and jam together. Recently they have played at some Techno-Partys in Cologne and regularly at readings, which are recorded and transmitted by WDR3 (a German radio station).

The musicians behind Das Blaue Monster, Frank Christian Stoffel and Doris Mücke, are activists of the KunstWerk, a Kunstverein (arts-society) in Cologne, and have organised monthly concerts with free entrance, called ?purer luxus?. In 2006 they founded the NetAudio-Label ? and have now started a small ?Techno-Salon? in the KunstWerk, where different electronic-musicians can meet, talk about their music and their gear, discuss music politics, sync their gear, jam and have fun together. Frank Christian Stoffel and Doris Mücke have played together in different bands since the late 80?s and have developed from ?normal? rock-musicians to the live-techno-duo ?Das Blaue Monster?.  Just in time for the Netaudio Berlin Festival, in October 2009, the new album ?Wann, wenn nicht hier? from Das Blaue Monster will be released on

Listen to Track das-blaue-monster-kuemmern + Visit Soundcloud of netaudioberlin

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