Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin
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Buzz [live]

Buzz appears on Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Stage (Friday)
Labels: Plainaudio

BuzzMarco Cink / Buzz

Portfolio: Producer, DJ , Live Act [Buzz]

Inspired by musical genres like dub, reggae, hip-hop & drum’n'bass Buzz started producing in the 90?s and gave his debut on ALPHACUT in 2001 with his track “POWERPLANT”

2005 he setup the label PLAINAUDIO with his mates [martsman ,cycom, iaka & flowpro] & released two EPs.  Buzz has also released tracks on drum’n'bass labels like SANTORIN , SYNCOPATHIC & EXEGENE.

when it comes to DJing you can expect a highly danceable & well balanced mix of the finest techstep, leftfield ,drum funk, hardstep, amen & oldskool tunes you can find in jungle and Drum n Bass nowadays.


[2003-01-01] Split EP [Alphacut] // Buzz – Powerplant
[2005-08-01] Soulburn [Plainaudio] // Soulburn , Neo’s Dream
[2005-12-23] Strange Days [Exegene] // Strange Days, Ziony
[2006-02-26] Touch and Go [Touchin Down Rec.] // High Octan , Touch and Go
[2006-04-24] Revelation [Plainaudio] // Revelation, Dragon Love , The Ninth Wave
[2008-10-17] Melodic Rush [Syncopathic] // Melodic Rush, Dragon Love reloaded
[2009-05-06] Ambassadors4[Santorin] // Send Me An Angel, Subsonic

Record Label : Santorin, Alphacut, Plainaudio, Exegene, Syncopathic,Touchin Down Rec.

Listen to Track flowpro-plainaudiomix + Visit Soundcloud of flowpro

Listen to Set flowpro-plainaudiomix + Visit Soundcloud of dread

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