Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

6.R.M.E [live]

6.R.M.E appears on Experimental Floor (Thursday)
Labels: ZH27, G13recordings, NOHMAD

6rmeYann Lefeuvre was born in France in 1979. ?When he was 15 years old, he crossed paths with wylborg (Dj techno Britain) who had at this time ten years experience. It has been a decisive encounter that lead him straight to turntables and electronics. ?Somewhat later, but in the same energy the collective BOUT’40 was created with friends from different musical backgrounds. By cruising the free party scene and other events involving electro, it strengthened his appeal to the mix, but he found an special affinity to a live setup. His creations are oriented around techno-tribe and hardcore, but his heart always belongs to hip-hop as his first love. He found his current style in early 2000 under the name of 6.R.M.E, which can be summarized as dark abstract hip-hop. in 2007 he joined the Belgian FAST collective with Dawamesk , Dubanity , Sub-Altern , BoBé van Jézu and others…?He mostly works from picking up samples here or there or ones simply set up straight from his brain. To be clear 6RME has no “modus operandi”, just a single directive to enjoy …

Discography: ?-
“no title” released on Japanese G13RECORDING ?-
” tolv figurer av ondsrap ” released on the netlabel NOHMAD
He also collaborated on lots of compilations ?But 6.RME, with others also officiated as 240.RME (hardcore creation) and collaborated on the expe-ambient improvisation project NEROME with NEROZOYDE and REO5.

Listen to Track 6-r-m-e-desoriental + Visit Soundcloud of netaudioberlin

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